1. Anonymous said: HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT?

    download what?


  2. It’s done.
    You can see the whole project over at Behance: KOMBINÄSCH Verlag


  3. elopedthought:

    posters on the wall


  4. (Source: elopedthought)


  5. The magazines are ready!


  6. adjustments


  7. oh no, i miss half a diaeresis.


  8. elopedthought:

    final illustration getting ready!


  9. night in the forest


  10. Making birds fly.


  11. one done, one to go.


  12. Damn, that P is jumping.
    Kombinäsch Fesch, nearing final.


  13. Allright, time for acrylics.


  14. Sunntog is.


  15. my zine, it’s thicker than yours.
    (dummy of a dummy for a dummy)